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Thanks for reading this through. We are big supporters of open communication. If at any time you need help, you want to discuss a new idea, or you want to ask questions, email us at info AT and we'll do our best to clear things out for you.

This F.A.Q. page was made to answer your questions quickly, but we still highly recommend that you read the DROP SHIPPING terms and conditions in details before you sign up.


What is Jiji Felice B2B?
Jiji Felice B2B is a website for retailers only. We supply and drop ship the Jiji Felice brand of handbags, briefcases, clutches, and small leather goods. If you want to buy Jiji Felice in retail, please visit

Where does Jiji Felice ship from?
Jiji Felice brand is based in and ships from Beirut, Lebanon.

Do I need to sign a contract?
No. We only require you to read our Terms & Conditions and work in line with them. We consider that once you start working with us, it means you have read, understood, and accepted all our terms and conditions.

How can I pay on Jiji Felice B2B?
Online by credit card. Unfortunately, we do not offer PayPal payment at this moment.

Can I use Jiji Felice product photos and description?
Sure! You can either copy / paste them from our website to yours, or we can send them to you by email.

Do you offer blind shipments?
Since we are drop shipping internationally, the freight companies require that we state the shipper's name and address clearly. Once we start working together, this means that we have a silent pact of respect and cooperation between us. We will never contact your customer unless it is strictly necessary and ONLY THROUGH YOU.


I would like to join the Jiji Felice drop shipping program. Where do I start?
It's very simple. Start by filling out the Reseller Application Form. We will review your information. We might contact you if we have further questions. If you are approved, you will receive a notification email with your username and password to log in and check the products with their prices. We strongly recommend that you read through the Drop shipping terms and conditions provided online before you fill out the form to see if you are ready to work with us.

Is it free to register?
100%. We do not require any payment or fees for opening an account or working with us.

Can I order if I haven't registered?
No, you can't. If you are not registered yet, you can browse around the products but with no access to pricing. Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to see the wholesale prices / drop shipping prices.

How do I change my password?
In your profile, click on CHANGE PASSWORD and enter a new one. Only YOU have access to this password.

What is the difference between billing and shipping address?
The billing address will be used for official invoicing; this is the address at which you have registered your business. Shipping address is the final address you want the orders sent to. Shipping address could be the same as billing address if you are operating from the same location as your officially registered business address and you want to receive the shipments there. If you want the shipments sent directly to your final customer, then you must type in your customer's address in the shipping address.

What if I want to stop drop shipping with Jiji Felice?
If you want to stop drop shipping and switch to buying our products in wholesale, send us an email at info AT to let us know your intentions. If you want to stop working completely with us, you are free to do so at any time, but we would much appreciate it if you would drop us a line and tell us why you want to leave. We really would hate to see you go.

I registered and got approved, now what?
As soon as your registration is confirmed, you must at least receive two welcome emails with some explanations from us. If you do not receive them, it means your server might be blocking our emails or they are sent to your junk mail. Please get in touch with us to let us know and we will find other ways to communicate.


What happens when I place an order online?
You will receive a notification email of your order. We will be receiving one at our end too. We will check it out and see if all information entered is correct. Once we receive confirmation of your payment, we will then proceed to pack and ship your order ASAP.

How will I know how to calculate the shipping charges for the products?
Click here to check the shipping guidelines we have prepared for you in order to know how to calculate your shipping before starting to sell. In this guideline, you are given approximate figures that reflect the shipping charges per region based on each product's dimensional weight. You must know that shipping is calculated in terms of the dimensional weight (by volume of package) and not by actual weight in addition to the final destination country. Please note that we reserve the right to change these prices and update them at any time based on the price fluctuations we receive from the shipping companies. We will update you on any new changes to rectify your prices.

How are the shipping prices calculated per order?
In order to be fair to all your customers worldwide (because we're working as a team, remember?), we found that the best thing to do was to calculate final shipping prices based on final destination country. We're sure you agree with us that it wouldn't be fair to charge someone for shipping $50 if he lives in an area that would cost $20 only. The final shipping price you will have to pay is added to the product's order before checkout. Most prices include insurance (where it matters); therefore, the products are covered in case they are damaged in transit. You are free to work on an average shipping price and incorporate it into your selling prices to offer free shipping to your customers.

How do I know if the product has been shipped or not?
As soon as your order is packed and ready for shipping, a policy number will be issued which would also be the tracking number. You will receive a notification email that the order has been shipped with a tracking number and a direct link to the shipping company's website to follow up. You can provide your customer with the same information so that everyone will be updated of the status of the shipment at all times. At the same time, if you visit your user profile and check your history page, you will notice that the status of that order will be updated from "in progress" to "shipped".


How safe is it to pay on your website?
We would say VERY safe! We are working with one of the most important payment gateways in the world. On checkout, you will be directed to their pages and that's where you will be entering your credit card information. Don't worry, the process is so smooth that you won't feel the transition and you would think you are still on the Jiji Felice B2B website, whereas in reality, you would be on the payment gateway's property. Therefore, your payment will be coded and very secure and we are not able to know anything about your card details.


What if my customer wants to return his purchase?
In the Drop shipping Terms & Conditions you will find all the details you need to process a return. Here, we will only explain to you the part that has to do with order management. You can log in to your list of orders and select the order you want to return. There's a special field where you will have to state the reason for return. If your customer has bought more than one item in the same order, and you don't want to return them all, you can specify which product code you want to return in the field with the reason why. Once you submit the return, we will be notified about it and we will follow up with you on the details.


TIP 1: Is there a way to make more profit selling Jiji Felice products compared to drop shipping them?
As a general rule in drop shipping, the final amount to be paid for an order by the customer is the retail price + express shipping charges + customs charges (depending on each country). By dropshipping our products, all stocking, delivery, shipping, returns, and follow-up are our responsibility. If you, as a reseller, want to make some extra profit, we will give you a small tip. You can buy a starter's collection at wholesale price (i.e. one unit of each product). Since our product collection is still small, that means you have the ladies' handbags and briefcases to choose from (about 8 pieces). When you buy the products, the full responsibility of fulfilling will be transferred to you. That's why we are able to give you a bigger commission on wholesale pricing compared to drop shipping (profit #1).
When you buy in wholesale, you will import the products in cargo shipping. Cargo shipping is a lot cheaper than express shipping because you are shipping products in bulk and not individually. You will be able to save a significant chunk with cargo shipping (profit #2). Depending on the country you are from, there might be preferential agreements between both our countries. That means you will either not pay customs charges or the percentage would be very low. Assuming there are no preferential agreements, you will also be saving an amount as you are importing in bulk compared to an individual package (profit #3).
To deliver your products locally, you will use domestic shipping services. The rates are very insignificant compared to express shipping charges. So you see how you can save on three different levels if you buy wholesale.

TIP 2: How can I market my products?
a. It's a fact now that just opening a website without promoting it to get some traffic is like opening a shop in an alley where no one will ever know you exist. It's not a secret how difficult it is to establish an online presence for you these days. With the cluttered markets everywhere, it has become a necessity to promote and distinguish your business within a certain niche. A few of the most common ways of promoting is through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) or through Google Adwords and retargeting, but there are always other less expensive ways (if not FREE) to promote your offerings.

b. Our resellers are not only website owners. They are also people who sell though social media or through third-party websites. When we say third-party marketplaces, everybody thinks about Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. These places may either need aggressive advertising from your side to appear in the search results or they simply may not be suitable matches for the product you are trying to sell. There are many local and international online fashion marketplaces out there. Their conditions may vary depending on their importance, but most of them will feature your product offerings for free until they make a sale against a certain commission. The more marketplaces you appear in, the more you increase your chances for creating awareness for your product and making a sale.
Your chances of success by following this method will be a lot better if you buy a small collection in wholesale. As you might have read in Tip #1, by saving on wholesale, shipping, and customs, you will have a bigger margin to maneuver and promote yourself or to give away a small commission. Some small local marketplaces usually prefer that the product is physically available with the seller so that delivery is quick, cheap, and easy.

c. Another choice is affiliate marketing. You can team up with individual influencers or with an affiliate network that will bring you traffic to your website and promote your business for you.

d. Don't forget to register your website in local and international directories in relevant categories to appear in search results.

e. If you operate your own website or business on a full-time basis and it's your only source of income, then it's important to work on creating different sales channels. You can apply with us for a brand dealership or representation. By becoming an official Jiji Felice representative, you could be granted a national or regional exclusivity (depending on your capabilities). You can start by participating in local tradeshows or state (national) ones if you can. Pop-up shops are very famous too; they could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the organizers. Another method that never grows old is home parties. Start with your friends, neighbors, and community. You will be surprised with the results. You will be able to take orders or sell on-the-spot. This model works best if you go for wholesale buying, as you need to have some products on hand to sell them immediately. Who knows? You might be a born sales(wo)man with hidden talents and know nothing about it. By taking it one step at a time, you might rise to become a distributor if you have the 3Ps: passion, patience, and perseverance to get there. Please know that we will provide you with our full support every step of the way.

Don't be afraid to come up with new ideas, life is about trials and errors.

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